Monday, January 21, 2013

Gun control VS: doing something helpful

With all the recent noise about gun control, pro & con, magazine size pro & con, I think its time that we, both individually and politically start to consider some real facts and start looking for some real solutions. 

It can be pretty much agreed by everyone the restriction on guns, other than, those already in law,will not have much impact on criminals. The impact other than generating media attention and political posturing will only apply on law abiding shooters.

Capacity of a firearm doesn't really amount to much more than talk. I read a recent article stated that the average person can change a pistol magazine in 1.7 seconds. From my own military experience I suspect it will take a little longer with a M-16, or any of its many look-a-likes. We're still talking a few seconds. Thus this whole argument is moot.

The vast majority of firearms in this country are not used for self defense or for hunting. Those that are carried concealed (legally) will probably never be used or even pointed at another person. Carriers have usually gone to additional  expense in both time and money as well as a significant background check to obtain their permit to carry concealed. Most guns, not in collections, are for sporting purposes. To many anti gun voices believe that the only reason to own a gun(s) it to kill. That there are sanctioned competitive shooting events, including many college teams teams. Of course there also many of us, including me that shoot regularly because we like to.

There are some things, that most gun owners should be able to agree with and gun haters can't argue against.

1. Close the loopholes that allow anyone in any state from purchasing a gun without a background check. This is pretty much a no brainier. AND put some teeth in it! If a dealer sells without a check LOCK THEM UP. No fines, no hand slaps and no suspended sentences!

2. Owners should be required to secure their guns when they are not in use, in something really secure, not just a closet with a skeleton key lock, hollow door, and hinged on the outside. I legally carry a gun on my person and own many more both handguns and long guns ALL except my carry gun are locked in a gun-safe which is always kept locked. Any accidental shooting, fatal or nonfatal, should be investigated, and when appropriate, responsible charged. This will probably result in some grieving parent being arrested for criminally negligent homicide, but will start ending some very unfortunate deaths. 

3. Better education about firearms. Avery large percent of ales of my age,69+, in our youth belonged to The Boy Scouts of America BSA had many  different  marksman programs and a merit badge. ie Education. Many other organizations also offered similar programs. I suspect that the real gun haters also are the least informed about guns. They also are the first to quote homicide stats without differentiating between, homicides, accidents, suicides or legal shooting ie by law enforcement officers. Better education all levels of society to more safety and better understanding of real facts.